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Chichester's most popular picture framing service
Fast, comprehensive, affordable picture framing - hundreds of frame choices, made to measure as well as extensive selection of standard sizes, photos to canvas, tapestries stretched, sports shirts and memorabilia framed - we offer a friendly, expert service that is second to none and has our many customers coming back again and again. Parking is easy - you can bring your car to within ten feet of our door!
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Picture Framing and picture frames
We are experts at helping you come to the right choice of frame and any other options including mount and conservation glass if relevant - we can usually have your work ready within 10-14 days!
Hundreds of picture frame mouldings are available, many in competitively priced standard sizes.

Silver and Pewter Picture Frames

frame type - 225

- Warm silver moulding with black back. - 35 x 35 mm
Picture of 225 frame

cross section of 225 frame
made to measure prices:
add width and breadth of required frame to get size.....
eg - for a 300mm x 600mm frame see the up to 1000mm price
up to 600mm - 74.36
up to 700mm - 80.60
up to 800mm - 86.32
up to 900mm - 91.52
up to 1000mm - 104.00
up to 1100mm - 124.80
up to 1200mm - 132.60
up to 1300mm - 140.40
up to 1400mm - 148.20
up to 1500mm - 156.00
up to 1600mm - 163.80
up to 1700mm - 171.60
up to 1800mm - 179.40
up to 1900mm - 187.20
up to 2000mm - 195.00
up to 2100mm - 232.50
up to 2200mm - 240.00
up to 2300mm - 247.50
up to 2400mm - 255.00
up to 2500mm - 262.50
up to 2600mm - 270.00
up to 2700mm - 277.50
up to 2800mm - 285.00
up to 2900mm - 292.50
up to 3000mm - 300.00

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Art For All Chichester Gallery and Picture Framing
Find us near Carluccio's and Brasserie Blanc in The Square, Eastgate, the exciting new development between East Street and St Pancras (2 mins from both New Park and Cattle Market car parks)
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